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2022 Holiday Gift – Supporting Small Businesses in Ontario

At Discovered Intelligence the holiday season is an opportunity to celebrate our employees’ contributions to a successful year, by connecting with everyone over a big holiday dinner and surprising them with a fun holiday gift. These gifts vary from year to year, but for the past few years we have put together a gift bag […]

Help Getting Started with Splunk

Splunk is a great data intelligence platform when used effectively. With a full understanding of Splunk’s functionality and capabilities, it should totally consume you with it’s awesomeness and you will find yourself preaching its benefits to your entire company! Our customers are always asking for recommendations on how to better grasp the fundamentals of the […]

What’s New in Aura Asset Intelligence 1.4

We are excited to announce the release of Aura Asset Intelligence 1.4, which brings several new and exciting features. This release further enhances the intelligence capabilities of Aura AI and helps enterprises gain even more insight into their assets and the relationships that exist between them. Asset Activity and Association Reporting New reporting that highlights […]