Benefits at a Glance
  • Measurable performance improvements
  • A greater understanding of your Splunk environment
  • Understand how to better operationally manage Splunk going forward
  • Learn how to troubleshoot and remediate performance and other operational issues
  • Learn best practices and knowledge from our Splunk experts
  • Understand how to better leverage Splunk’s functionality to deliver increased value
  • Customise the health assessment to meet your goals
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    Adverse Health Affects Performance

    Splunk is a game-changing, big data intelligence platform, that delivers huge value to an enterprise when implemented and managed effectively. However, as with any enterprise solution, naturally occurring factors over time can adversely affect the health of your Splunk environment. These factors may include architectural changes, organic growth, additional users, upgrades, lack of operational focus or limited Splunk expertise. The Splunk Health Assessment from Discovered Intelligence is a ‘shot in the arm’ for your Splunk environment. With your help, we nurse it back to optimal health and pave the way for sustainable future growth and operational management.

    Measurable Improvements & Knowledge

    A Splunk Health Assessment from Discovered Intelligence delivers measurable improvement and great value. It not only helps to identify and remediate technical performance related issues, but also offers an opportunity to learn and gain insight from our industry leading Splunk experts. As a result of the Health Assessment, you should expect to gain:

    • Significant performance improvements, including faster search and indexing times.
    • Technical insight into how Splunk works and how best to troubleshoot and remediate common performance related issues.
    • A greater understanding of your specific Splunk environment and how to better operationally manage the environment going forward.
    • Knowledge on how to elevate your functional maturity and gain more value from their existing Splunk deployment.

    Actionable Deliverables

    The deliverables of the Splunk Health Assessment will vary depending on goals that have been defined. The following are examples of typical Splunk Health Assessment deliverables:

    • Performance Assessment and Analysis – In-depth performance analysis of your Splunk environment; performed before and after implementation of immediate recommendations.
    • Immediate Recommendations – Actionable recommendations you can implement during the health assessment for immediate performance gains.
    • Splunk Architecture Assessment – Assessment of your existing Splunk architecture; identifying issues, bottlenecks and areas of improvement.
    • Splunk Maturity Assessment – To gauge your Splunk functional maturity level.
    • Longer Term Recommendations – Strategic, longer term recommendations to address performance, ongoing operations and upgrades.
    • Architectural Design – High-level design recommendations to further performance and facilitate sustainable long-term growth.
    • Best Practices – Best practices, tailored to your Splunk environment to facilitate operational excellence going forward.
    • Executive Level Report – A detailed reference report and a higher-level summary; outlining findings, recommendations and best practices.