Benefits at a Glance
  • Zero downtime or business interruption
  • Migrate Splunk environments on any OS
  • Seamless transition of users
  • No burdensome migration prerequisites
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Reduce operational overhead
Prior Migration Outcomes
  • Migration of large, industrial on-premise environment, including a year’s worth of data (20 terabytes), in only 5 weeks.
  • Migration of all data feeds, applications, searches and users for a large financial customer in just 3 weeks.
  • Uninterrupted migration of Splunk Enterprise Security, including all correlation searches, alerts and configurations.

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    Splunk Cloud Migration Experts

    Splunk Cloud is a game-changing, big data intelligence platform that delivers immense value to an enterprise. However, migrating from an on-premise Splunk environment to Cloud can be complex. Discovered Intelligence has award winning Splunk expertise, which includes extensive experience in migrating existing customers to Splunk Cloud. Through many migrations, we have developed a streamlined process that quickly and seamlessly migrates customers and their data to Splunk Cloud, without business interruption.

    Migration Differentiators

    Imagine if you could migrate to Splunk Cloud without your users even noticing? A Splunk Cloud migration by Discovered Intelligence delivers a seamless experience with no impact to your ongoing business activities. With our approach you can expect:

    • Migration to occur with no interruption or downtime to your existing on-premise Splunk environment.
    • The ability to migrate Splunk environments that run on any operating system.
    • Business users seamlessly transition to the new Splunk Cloud environment and in most cases, are unaware a migration has even occurred.
    • A simplified migration process, requiring no changes to your existing on-premise environment and little involvement from your business and IT teams.
    • Tuning of configurations during migration to increase efficiency and performance.
    • Immediate retirement of existing on-premise Splunk architecture following migration, resulting in significant operational cost savings.

    Splunk Cloud Migration Process

    Our proprietary migration process is unique in the industry and ensures a seamless migration to Splunk Cloud, expedites the retirement of your on-premise environment and has no impact to your business or Splunk users. Using our proprietary and proven migration approach, we plan out your migration and securely migrate your existing Splunk applications, users, configurations and data.

    splunk cloud migration process

    Throughout the migration, we will educate your team by sharing our expert knowledge and will be on hand to answer your Splunk questions.

    Actionable Deliverables
    • Plan – Plan your migration from start to end, to identify cloud forwarding approach and to understand migration needs for data, applications, configurations, access controls and users.
    • Implement – Implementation of cloud forwarding approach and required components.
    • Secure – Apply best practice security controls, including encryption, role based access controls and secure cloud authentication.
    • Migrate – Migrate identified data, applications, configurations and users to Splunk Cloud.
    • Retire – Retirement of existing on-premise Splunk infrastructure, now that you are migrated to Splunk Cloud.