• Multinational media technology company, based in California, USA
  • Over $7 billion USD in revenue and 10,000 employees
  • One of the largest Splunk environments in the world
  • Indexing over 2 petabytes of events per day, across 2000+ indexers


  • Typical Splunk operational monitoring approaches did not scale
  • Poor data quality across many high volume sources
  • Long search times, with users competing for limited Splunk resources
  • Very small in-house Splunk team to ‘keep the lights on’


  • Monthly engagements, delivering strategic advice and operational support
  • Identified and remediated operational issues, implemented performance tuning
  • Assisted users with search and report optimization
  • Designed and scaled out the environment appropriately 
  • Developed a dedicated Splunk monitoring environment


  • Real-time operational monitoring and visibility across the Splunk environment
  • Greatly improved search performance and indexing throughput
  • Huge increase in Splunk user adoption and growth of Splunk
  • Maximized use of hardware resource, to eliminate waste
splunk operational monitoring

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