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Splunk Asset and Risk Intelligence – a CAASM Solution for Splunk

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At the recent Splunk .Conf in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, we were able to get a detailed demo of Splunk’s new and exciting Splunk Asset and Risk Intelligence (Splunk ARI) security solution. What a great solution and one that is much needed within their security solution portfolio. Splunk ARI falls into a category of products known as CAASM – Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management. In this post, we dive a little deeper into what CAASM is, why it is critical tool for your organization and how Splunk ARI can help.

In security operations, there has been a recent and rapid increase in the adoption of Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) solutions. With ever changing technology, cloud use and changes in employee working environments (remote, hybrid, in-office), there is a growing need for tracking, monitoring and managing assets and identities. 

We recently came across some great informative articles, published by Gartner and LevelBlue, which outline important benefits and functionalities of CAASM solutions. We pulled some of the key concepts from these articles and look at how Splunk ARI addresses them.

Asset Records

Highlighted by both articles is the importance of complete asset records, which Gartner stated as “owned assets, identities, applications, 3rd party SaaS, IaaS and PaaS”, and LevelBlue simply described as “complete asset coverage” while also indicating the importance of “mean time to inventory”. The only way to effectively manage an attack surface is to ensure you have the complete and up-to-date information for your attack surface.

Splunk ARI uses the data in Splunk to continuously discover active assets and identities on the network. By pulling this data together and working its magic, Splunk ARI is able to produce astonishingly accurate and complete asset inventory.

Compliance Reporting

Both articles address the importance of compliance reporting features, to ensure assets follow regulatory requirements and are managed to the appropriate standard, which will then decrease the likelihood of experiencing a security incident. 

Splunk ARI allows you to quickly utilize out of the box or custom cybersecurity metrics to measure compliance across many different security controls. For example, identity discovered laptops that are not encrypted or assets that have never been vulnerability scanned. These metrics report on compliance against your common security controls in real-time.

Finding the Right CAASM Solution

While selecting the right CAASM solution for your organization can seem a bit daunting, Gartner made a recommendation to look into what existing solutions are offered by your current technology providers, which will provide you with some cost savings as well as simplified implementation and usability.

If you are using Splunk today, then implementing Splunk ARI is a great choice and offers powerful functionality and features. Note that Splunk ARI is a standalone solution for Splunk and Splunk ES is not required. For those with Splunk ES, then Splunk ARI is a perfect complement and the accurate and complete asset and identity records discovered by Splunk ARI can continuously update and populate A&I Framework within Splunk ES.

Splunk ARI is available now as part of their Early Access program and is expected to be generally available very shortly.


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