Paul Johnson - Splunk Data Intelligence

Paul Johnson LinkedIn

Paul has over 20 year’s data intelligence experience in the areas of information security, operations and compliance. He holds a Masters in Computer Science, is CISSP certified and is passionate about helping businesses gain intelligence and insight from their large data at scale. Paul is a founding partner of Discovered Intelligence and previously worked for a Fortune 100 company, leading IT risk intelligence initiatives and managing a multi-terabyte global Splunk deployment.

Derek Mock

Derek Mock LinkedIn

Derek Mock is a software developer and architect, with expertise in unified communications and cloud technologies. He has over 15 years experience developing and operating large enterprise grade deployments and SaaS applications. Derek is a founding partner of Discovered Intelligence and had previously leveraged Splunk in a unified communications company for over 5 years, as a core tool for delivering key operational intelligence. Derek is a co-founder of the Splunk Toronto User Group and lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Josh Diakun - IT Operations and Security Specialist

Josh Diakun LinkedIn

Josh Diakun is an IT Operations and Security Specialist who focuses on creating data-driven operational and security processes. He currently holds his CISSP and has over 10 years managing and architecting large-scale Splunk environments. Josh is a founding partner of Discovered Intelligence and has been working with Splunk since 2009. He is a SplunkTrust member, multi-time Splunk Revolution Award winner, and co-author of the top-selling Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook.

Carlus Powell

Carlus Powell LinkedIn

Carlus Powell is director of sales and business development with 20 years of experience in Telecommunications, SaaS and technology solutions sales. His business acumen, insight and ability to understand and meet organizations where they are in their transformational journey allow him to help organizations solve the most complex and challenging problems, increase revenue, achieve operational excellence and exceptional user experience. Carlus enjoys spending time with family and friends, the outdoors and various sports such as golf, tennis, mountain biking and snowboarding.

Mark Hoeger

Mark Hoeger LinkedIn

Mark Hoeger is Manager, Service Delivery with a focus on account management and client success. He has over 13 years experience in Managed Services, in unified communications, telecom, and cloud technologies. Mark enjoys working with clients to ensure the full value of the services are achieved, leading to happy, repeat clients and the ultimate goal of referenceable partnerships. Mark enjoys playing hockey and golf, gardening, and enjoying the summer months outdoors with his family.

Ken Chiu

Ken Chiu Ken Chiu LinkedIn

Ken Chiu is a Solutions Engineer, a 30 year IT veteran with extensive pre-sales architecture and solution experience in Unified Messaging, Communication and Collaboration technologies, spanning hybrid cloud to full cloud deployments. Ken is a trusted advisor with his clients in providing best fit solutions to complex integration deployments complementing existing technologies. In his leisure, Ken enjoys spending time with family and friends, road biking and various motorsports.

Alice Maracle

Alice Maracle LinkedIn

Alice Maracle is responsible for office and finance administration. She has over 7 years in finance roles and a college diploma in accounting and payroll administration. Alice is a payroll compliance practitioner and a member of the national payroll institute. She is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Yorkville University.

Dhiren Meswania - Senior Splunk Consultant

Dhiren Meswania LinkedIn

Dhiren Meswania is a Senior Consultant with deep-level expertise in the IT operations, Security and Client Experience domains. He is a Splunk Certified Architect & Consultant and previously worked for a communications company; leveraging Splunk for over 5 years, to improve network visibility and assurance. Additionally, Dhiren holds a GIAC Security (GSEC) certification.

Anoop Ramachandran - Splunk Consultant

Anoop Ramachandran LinkedIn

Anoop Ramachandran is a Splunk Consultant with a wide range of experience in IT operations and a BSc in Information Technology. He is a Splunk Certified Architect & Consultant and previously worked as a systems engineer for a large financial investment company, where he was responsible for tools automation and enterprise monitoring and logging using Splunk. Additionally, Anoop is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Terry Mulligan

Terry Mulligan LinkedIn

Terry Mulligan is a Splunk Consultant with 25 years of experience in IT management and operations with a unified communications company, culminating in leading a special projects team that designed, developed, and implemented value-added systems and applications. For the last ten years, he also managed their Splunk environment distributed across six data centers throughout North America that provided core tools and operational intelligence for the IT operations teams.

Heejoon Byun - Splunk Architect & Consultant

Heejoon Byun LinkedIn

Heejoon Byun is a Splunk Certified Architect & Consultant. Before joining Discovered Intelligence, he started his career as a cybersecurity responder and has experience in administrating various SIEMs including Splunk, ELK (Elastic Logstash Kibana), LogRhythm, and ArcSight. Over the past few years, he has been focused on administering and developing in Splunk specific to the Information Security space.

Darren Fuller - Senior Splunk Consultant

Darren Fuller LinkedIn

Darren Fuller is a Senior Splunk Consultant and experienced technologist with over 20 years working in various IT roles. Prior to joining Discovered Intelligence, he spent the last 10+ years as a successful consultant; 8 years of which consulting on all aspects of Splunk. Darren is ITIL certified, a Splunk Certified Architect and has been working with Splunk since 2014.

Andrew Moore - Software Developer

Andrew Moore LinkedIn

Andrew Moore is a software developer, with expertise in unified communications and cloud technologies. He has over 10 years experience developing and operating large enterprise grade deployments and SaaS applications. Prior to joining Discovered Intelligence Andrew worked with various SaaS collaboration platforms and technologies, leveraging automation tools to enhance reliability and reduce deployment complexity.

Jenny Hubick - Marketing Coordinator

Jenny Hubick LinkedIn

Jenny Hubick is a marketing coordinator with over 14 years of experience in marketing, digital marketing and website management. Jenny has a Diploma in Marketing and Certificate in Website Design and has worked in various realms of marketing, including B2B, B2C and eCommerce.

Goutham Vinaya Babu - Splunk Consultant

Goutham Vinaya Babu LinkedIn

Goutham Vinaya Babu is a Splunk Consultant with over 3 years of experience in IT operations. Prior to joining Discovered Intelligence Goutham worked as a Technical Support Analyst contracted to Splunk, specializing in customer support and cloud change management. He holds a Bachelor’s  degree in Computer Applications with a Postgraduate diploma in Cyber Security and Computer Forensics.

Carlos Moreno - Splunk Consultant

Carlos Moreno Buitrago LinkedIn

Carlos Moreno is a Splunk consultant with 4 years of experience delivering Splunk, Cybersecurity, and firewall solutions to customers. With a degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Information Technologies and several Cybersecurity tools certifications, Carlos is a team member who can assist customers with a wide range of products and solutions. His previous roles in risk advisory included the delivery of Cybersecurity engagements for clients in financial services, banking, technology, and retail.

Rachel Novoselac

Rachel Novoselac LinkedIn

Rachel Novoselac is a software developer with three years of experience in web development technologies. She is a curious and insightful lifelong learner who picks up new tech quickly and loves digging through code to find a tough bug! She has an undergraduate degree in Linguistics, Anthropology and French from UofT as well as certifications in UX Design from Brainstation and Software Engineering from Hack Reactor. Rachel enjoys spending time in nature, building fun coding projects, playing with her cats or working on her current language learning project!