Success Story
  • A large software company in California was facing operational challenges with their huge multi pb/day Splunk environment, limited hardware resources and a shortage of skilled personnel.
  • We implemented proactive monitoring and alerting to provide operational visibility across their 1000s of Splunk indexers.
  • We optimized their hardware to increase indexer throughput by 500%, and modified search approaches, accelerating performance by over 1000%.
  • Our continuous delivery ensures their environment stays current and in optimal health, and users are well educated to maximize use of the platform.
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    Operational Excellence Program

    The Operational Excellence Program from Discovered Intelligence ensures that your Splunk® environment operates at the highest levels and that you are gaining the most value from your investment.

    Our focus on continuous delivery ensures ongoing operational success and growth, whatever your maturity level may be.

    The program is available as a full-time, monthly or quarterly rhythm, depending on need.

    Splunk Operational Excellence


    With our Operational Excellence Program you will be able to:

    • Save on your Internal Resource – our expert consultants provide technical know-how and guidance, reducing the need to maintain a large internal operational team.
    • Accelerate your Initiatives – during each week, we will focus on your most important business initiatives and our specialist expertise will help you achieve your goals quicker than ever.
    • Reduce your Operational Headaches – our continued operational oversight will help identify and remediate problems before they occur and maintain optimal performance levels.
    • Maximize your Return – we ensure you leverage Splunk to its full potential, taking advantage of the latest functionality, educating your team, and making best use of your hardware resources.