• Save on Internal Resources
  • Accelerate Your Initiatives
  • Reduce Your Operational Headaches
  • Maximize Your Return
Success Story
  • A large multinational pharmaceutical corporation was facing staffing and resource constraints that created operational challenges for their Cribl environment.
  • Providing a skilled resource through the Operational Excellence Program, we proactively accelerated business initiatives and cleared project backlogs of over 50 data sources while supporting the routing of data to multiple analytics platforms.
  • We defined a standardized onboarding methodology, trained and guided team members on the process and product, and reduced onboarding times by 50% from weeks to hours.
  • Our continuous delivery methodology ensures their Cribl environment stays current and in optimal health to maximize the value and use of the  platform, allowing for their teams to achieve their goals and objectives faster.

The Cribl Operational Excellence Program from Discovered Intelligence ensures that your Cribl® environment operates at the highest levels and that you are gaining the most value from your investment.

Our focus on continuous delivery ensures ongoing operational success and growth, whatever your maturity level may be.

Splunk Operational Excellence

Service Delivery

The Operational Excellence Program includes five (5) days of Professional Services per month and covers a wide range of tasks depending on your Cribl Operational needs, in any given month, as detailed in the Scope section below.

The Professional services days can be utilized in either one block of five (5) continuous days or broken into two separate blocks of two (2) & three (3) days in the given month, while any unused days do not carry over into the next month.

To ensure a predictive and consistent engagement, the Operational Excellence program also includes Delivery Management to assist with resource scheduling and planning, & deliverable and requirements reviews.