splunk application development


Discovered Intelligence is highly skilled in Splunk Application development and we have developed many custom applications for internal use by customers, in addition to white label apps for third parties to host on Splunkbase.

Leveraging our years of expertise, we are able to develop professional looking applications that perform and scale to the largest data sets. Splunk applications can vary from single commands that extend Splunk’s functionality, to fully featured solutions, containing multiple reports, alerts and dashboards. If you are looking for a Splunk application to be developed; contact us today to find out more.

Internal Custom Splunk App Development

Splunk is a great data-to-everything platform and there are many apps available on Splunkbase that you can make use of. However, to fully realize the potential of the platform, you may wish to develop of your own internal custom Splunk apps. Our consultants have the skills and expertise to build rich, immersive and fully interactive Splunk apps for your internal business users, that are tailored to your business data sets and processes.

For example, you may be looking for an internal reporting and alerting app focused on better visualizing your security posture. Alternatively, perhaps you are looking to develop an app to help increase your operational intelligence.

White Label Custom Splunk App Development

Are you looking to develop a Splunk app for your product? We have developed white-label Splunk applications for several companies, many of which are hosted on Splunkbase for public use.

For example, perhaps you are looking to develop an app that will harness APIs to seamlessly pull data from your software platform into Splunk. Alternatively, you may be looking to build a fully-featured app in Splunk, to make it easy for your customers to report on your data.

Our Splunkbase Applications

We regularly develop Splunk apps for the wider community that we make available on Splunkbase for free. Many of these are designed to help Splunk administrators better manage and leverage Splunk. Some of our Splunkbase apps are detailed below.

Meta Woot!

The Meta Woot! Splunk app provides superior levels of insight and intelligence from your Splunk metadata and license data. The Meta Woot! The app includes summary based event count trending, correlation of event volumes against license and includes compliance reporting on both data latency and indexing. Click here for more information and to download

Config Quest

Config Quest is an awesome lightweight utility from Discovered Intelligence for searching and reviewing Splunk configurations on any Splunk server directly from your search head! Use Config Quest to search for any stanza or configuration parameter, in any selected app, across any Splunk server in your environment. Click here for more information and to download


Sendresults is an immensely powerful Splunk command and alert-action developed by Discovered Intelligence, that allows you to send tabulated search results to individuals dynamically, based upon the data within the results. This means that you no longer need to hard-code an email into the search, but can evaluate the email instead. Click here for more information and to download

Homepage for Splunk

Homepage presents logged in users with a ‘virtual cockpit’ that provides a single-pane-of-glass view into their use of Splunk. It does this through a central home page, tailored to the user, that provides insight into the indexes and sourcetypes they have access to, the search jobs they run, the saved searches and dashboards they created and the apps they have permission to access. Click here for more information and to download