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Splunk is a great data intelligence platform when used effectively. With a full understanding of Splunk’s functionality and capabilities, it should totally consume you with it’s awesomeness and you will find yourself preaching its benefits to your entire company! Our customers are always asking for recommendations on how to better grasp the fundamentals of the platform and the following article should provide this guidance.

The material is split into sections. If you know of something not in the list or any of the links are broken, please let us know – thanks!


Read the Splunk Enterprise overview on
New to Splunk and wondering what Splunk actually is? – Read this.
Splunk Enterprise Overview

Read a Book on Splunk
There are a several books published on Splunk. Some of these are listed below.
> Our Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook
Exploring Splunk – Search Processing Language (SPL) Primer & Cookbook (Free!)
> The Essential Guide to Machine Data (Free!)
> The Essential Guide to Security (Free!)
> Other Splunk ebooks (Free!)

Print Out the Splunk Reference Guide and Cheat Sheets
Print these out and keep on your desk for some handy quick reference material.
Splunk Quick Reference Guide
Splunk Dashboard Quick Reference Guide
Splunk Search Command Quick Reference
> Splunk SPL for SQL Users

Splunk Manuals
Sometimes you just have to read the manual, but don’t be scared to do so. All Splunk’s documentation is online in a wiki style format and searchable via Google, as well as on Great for reference when crafting a search or implementing something new.
Splunk Documentation and Manuals


Watch the Splunk Web Demo (Newbie)
A web demo of Splunk.
Splunk Web Demo

Splunk Educational Videos / YouTube Channel
A handful of Splunk curated educational videos that are good for learning about basic searching and dashboarding, as well as how to get common data sources into Splunk.
> Watch the Splunk Educational Videos

Watch, Listen and Learn from Past Splunk Conferences
Presentations and slide decks from past conferences are all archived and can be accessed by anyone.
.CONF Online


Take a Free eLearning course
Splunk has a number of free eLearning courses that can be a good way to get to grips with some of the concepts.
> Free Splunk Training Courses

Take one (or several) of the Splunk Certified Training Courses
These classes are an excellent way to get up to speed with the various aspects of Splunk. There are classes for all types of Splunker, from general user, to developer, to administrator and beyond. Classes can be delivered virtually over WebEx, or on-site at your office.
Splunk Education Classes

Attend the Splunk Conference
Held once per year in Las Vegas, this is an excellent educational experience. Surrounded by 1000s of other Splunk comrades, you are immersed in everything Splunk for 3 long days or more. If you stay focused; you will learn a huge amount – highly recommended.
Splunk Conference

Join a Local User Group
Network with peers in your own city! Share and learn best practices, find out what’s new and enjoy a couple of drinks. User group meetings are regularly posted on the event page.
Splunk Toronto User Group
Other Splunk User Groups

Attend a Splunk Event
Splunk has many events across the globe throughout the year. These events can be a great way to learn about Splunk.
> Find an upcoming Splunk event near you


Download, Install and Play with Splunk on your Laptop
Splunk was designed from the start to be easy to install. You don’t need a server just to play, as the free version will run on your laptop just fine. Download it now, index your local logs and play with the tool – it’s the best way to learn.
> Download Splunk

Splunk Search Tutorial
Follow the tutorial within the Splunk documentation to help get you up to speed with installing Splunk, basic searching and use.
Splunk Search Tutorial


Extend Splunk with Apps and Add-Ons
Splunk has a growing base of apps and add-ons, that can help extend the power of Splunk and help you to get value from your data faster. Splunk’s capabilities are not just limited to these apps and many can be customized, adapted or merged to meet your specific needs.
Find Splunk Apps and Add-Ons

Develop your Own Applications
Splunk is built on an open web development framework standards, such as Django and JavaScript. There are also multiple SDKs available and a very comprehensive REST API.
> Splunk Dashboard Examples
> Splunk Development Community

Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit
Leverage machine learning with Splunk by downloading the app. The app contains end-to-end examples and there is also a set videos to help new users get started.
> Machine Learning Toolkit App
> Machine Learning YouTube Videos
> Machine Learning Cheat Sheet


Splunk Answers – Ask Questions, Get Answers
Splunk Answers is a great community driven support site managed by Splunk. Answers is the place to go if you are stuck crafting a Splunk search, are looking for configuration guidance or are experiencing some error you may not have seen before. It isn’t a replacement for enterprise support, but can be a quick way to get an answer. More often than not, someone else has already asked your question and full search capability is provided.
> Splunk Answers

Chat Live on the Splunk Slack
Slack is a common way to talk with other Splunk users outside of user groups, .CONF or other Splunk events. Slack allows for anyone to communicate with the greater Splunk Community. Use Slack to ask help with issues and gain insight into problems experienced by other users. Anyone can submit a request to join.
> Slack Channels

Chat Live on the Splunk IRC Channel
Chat live with online community members in the Splunk IRC channel. This channel consists of experts in Splunk, as well as newbies. Whatever your experience level, there is always an active discussion going on in the Splunk IRC channel. Load up an IRC client and point it here:
> irc server:
> irc channel: #splunk

Obtain Professional or Advisory Services
You shouldn’t be expected to do everything yourself. Sometimes, it is quicker, easier and more cost effective to get the data intelligence experts in. Perhaps you are just starting out, unsure if Splunk is the right fit, looking to expand your environment, need help with upgrades or looking for app development. Our Splunk Professional Services are on hand to help to ensure you gain huge value and maximize your Splunk investment. Contact us now and leverage our many years worth of award winning Splunk expertise.

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Splunk Professional Services Partner

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