What’s New In Config Quest 3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Config Quest 3.0, which further enhances this popular and innovative application. The new release introduces a new ‘File Config Quest‘ dashboard, allowing users to navigate through the file systems all Splunk hosts remotely and to compare file listings against one another. This post will run through some of the features of this new enhancement.

Works with Linux and Windows Environments

Simply select the operating system you use for your Splunk environment to launch a File Config Quest. Common paths can be selected as well, allowing you to navigate immediately to the apps directory in Splunk for example.

Instantly Identify Directory Differences Across your Splunk Hosts

When searching multiple hosts remotely at once, a colour coded percentage column will show you the proportion of hosts that have a given directory. This allows you to instantly spot any differences.

Perform Dynamic Navigation through Directory Structures

Navigate through the directory structure simply by clicking on a directory. A full breadcrumb trail allows you to go back to any point in the directory tree.

View all Files within a Directory and Launch Instant Config Quests

View all the files within a directory, split out by host. For example, if you a looking across many hosts, you will see all the files for each host. This allows you to see if file sizes or modification dates are different or spot if a host is missing a file. Additionally, should you navigate into a directory containing a Splunk conf file, then you can instantly launch a Config Quest to view the contents of the configuration!

Quickly Find Recently Modified Files or Configurations

Use the Splunk Time Picker to quickly select a time range that you want to apply to filter file listings. This allows you to identify files, such as Splunk conf files, that have been recently modified.

Download Today from Splunkbase!

Download the latest release of Config Quest today from Splunkbase.

For support, to request feature enhancements or simply to give us your feedback – please contact us at support@discoveredintelligence.ca.

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