Getting Started With Cribl

Help Getting Started with Cribl Stream

Getting Started With Cribl

Once you have embraced and grasped the power of Cribl Stream, “Reduce! Simplify!” will become your new mantra.

Here we list some of the best Cribl Stream resources available to get you started. Most of these resources are completely free! – money is not an obstacle when beginning your Cribl Stream journey, so keep reading and start learning today!

Please let us know if you find a good resource outside the list that should be included or if any links need updating.  


Read the Cribl Stream overview on

New to Cribl and wondering what Cribl is. – Read this:

> Cribl Stream Overview
> Cribl Stream Details

Read an e-Book on Observability Pipelines

One e-book on Cribl is available and is free. It is an easy read and will introduce you to observability pipelines.

> Observability Pipelines for Dummies

Read the Cribl Blog

Published by Cribl, the content is vast and includes announcements (product, podcasts, releases) and articles on various Cribl topics. If you browse through the content, you will likely find something interesting.

> Cribl Blog

Read the Cribl Stream Data Sheet

The data sheet for Cribl Stream outlines the benefits and features. We suggest you give it a quick review; there may be a feature you are unaware of.

> Cribl Stream Data Sheet

Print out the Stream Cheat Sheet

The Stream cheat sheet is a quick reference for the most common functions. Print this and keep it handy.

> Stream Cheat Sheet

Read the Cribl documentation

Of course, online, wiki-style documentation is searchable via Google and The documentation is an excellent resource for syntax or understanding a concept.

> Cribl Documentation


The “Cribl: The Stream Life” podcast is available on the most popular platforms. The podcasts cover a wide range of topics, and there is something for everyone.

Cribl Podcast: Living the Stream

> On Amazon
> On Apple
> On Spotify
> On Audible
> On PlayerFM


Watch the Full Cribl Overview

A web demo of Cribl Stream.

> Cribl Full Overview

Cribl YouTube Channel

This channel, managed by Cribl, has an extensive inventory of Cribl videos. An excellent resource for how-to videos.

> Cribl YouTube Channel

YouTube Cribl Community

The Cribl global user group channel has videos of all past user group meetings.

> YouTube Cribl Community


Attend Cribl University online (FREE!)

Cribl offers free online training through Cribl University. These courses are available to anyone, not just customers, so take advantage of this opportunity to learn.  

> Cribl University

Take a Cribl Sandbox online tutorial (FREE!)

Cribl offers free sandbox online tutorials. 
There are summary, how-to, and deep dive tutorials available.

> Cribl Sandbox

Join the Cribl Global User Group

Join the online Cribl global user group. This Cribl-managed user group meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 1 PM EST (18:00 UTC). 

A typical meeting consists of a presentation, a Q&A, and an opportunity for discussion. 

> Cribl Community User Group

And don’t worry; you can find all the previous meetings on YouTube.

> Cribl Community Meeting Videos


Cribl offers two options for playing with Cribl Steam, and both are FREE and allow you to stream up to 1TB/day with no strings attached. With either option, you can start to play, or if you want a more structured learning environment, you can follow the tutorials in the Get Starting Guide. The best way to learn about Cribl Stream is to start playing with the tool, and either choice will start you on your Cribl Stream journey. 

> Cribl Getting Started Guide/Tutorial 

Download, Install and Play with Cribl Stream on your Laptop.

If you choose to install the free version on your laptop, don’t worry, the installation is easy, and Cribl will run fine on your computer.

> Download Cribl

Register for a free Cribl Cloud Trial

If you choose the Cribl Cloud trial route, the trial version comes pre-built to ingest HEC, S2S, Syslog, etc., so you avoid all the setup steps and immediately jump into ingestions and pipelines.

> Cribl Cloud Trial


Cribl Community Slack Channel

The Cribl Community Slack channel is excellent for connecting with other Slack users. It is the forum to ask questions and have them answered quickly without going through the support ticket process. More than likely, your question has been asked and answered before, and a quick search of the channel will provide you with the answer. The channel consists of members with all levels of expertise, from experts to newbies, and the Slack team is very active. There are channels for general questions, packs, functions, feature requests, bug reports, etc. It is a fantastic resource and is FREE. We strongly suggest you join. 

> Cribl Community Slack Channel

Cribl Curious – Ask Questions, Get Answers, Share Experiences 

Cribl Curious is a discussion forum managed by Cribl and the community. It is the place to obtain guidance, get answers to technical questions, or share your thoughts on a topic.

> Cribl Curious Q & A Forum

Obtain Cribl Professional Services

You shouldn’t be expected to do everything yourself. Sometimes, getting our Cribl experts in is quicker, easier, and more cost-effective. You may be just starting, wondering if Cribl Stream is the right fit, looking to expand your environment, needing help with upgrades or looking for pipeline development. Our Cribl Professional Services are on hand to help to ensure you gain tremendous value and maximize your investment. Contact us now and leverage our certified expertise.

Attend an Event

Cribl is at the leading cybersecurity conferences such as RSA Conference, Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit and Black Hat. 

Visit the Cribl booth and learn about the latest features and products. For a listing of upcoming events, visit the Cribl event page on

> Cribl Events

Looking to expedite your success with Cribl Stream? Click here to view our Cribl Professional Service offerings.

cribl professional services

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