Diving into Splunk Table Datasets

Splunk’s Table Datasets feature was first introduced in version 6.5. It added the ability to manipulate data in a tabular form for users who are unfamiliar with Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL). Users can generate reports, tables and pivot models to extract operational knowledge from their data. Read more

Splunk Enterprise 6.6 New Features – Part III

We continue to explore the new features of Splunk 6.6. In part I and part II we talked about the new Knowledge Object management feature and the Search Editor enhancements. In this post, we will discuss the introduction of the new Search Head Cluster (SHC) graphical user interface and Indexer Clustering improvements in Splunk 6.6.

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Splunk Enterprise 6.6 New Features – Part II

In part 1 of our series into the new features of Splunk Enterprise 6.6, we looked at Splunk Knowledge Object management. In part 2, we will explore new features within the enhanced search editor, such as line-numbering, syntax highlighting and macro expansions. Read more

Splunk Enterprise 6.6 New Features – Part I

Splunk Enterprise 6.6 introduces new features in Data Visualization, Indexer and Search Head Clustering, Knowledge Object management and more to enhance user experience. This series of Splunk 6.6 blog postings explores some of these new features in detail. Read more