Splunk’s Application for Enterprise Security Comes of Age

Splunk’s recently announced version 3.0 of its popular Splunk Application for Enterprise Security has come of age, delivering powerful functionality with a slick user experience. Read more

Maintaining Data Visibility across the Cloud and the Ground

The move to cloud provided services (cloud) has meant a significant shift in where data is generated and stored. No longer is all data generated within the internal boundaries of a company’s own network and data centre (ground). This presents a challenge when it comes to maintaining data visibility and intelligence gathering capabilities – especially from a security and risk perspective. In this post, we will examine several different high-level scenarios and the impact on data visibility of each. Read more

How to Stream Twitter into Splunk in 10 Simple Steps

So many people talk about the need to index tweets from twitter into Splunk, that I figured I would write a post to explain just how easy it is. Within 10 steps and a few minutes, you will be streaming real-time tweets into Splunk, with the fields all extracted and the twitter data fully searchable. Read more

Building a Successful Big Data Intelligence Team

Despite all the hype about how great Big Data is, success ultimately comes down to ensuring you have the right team in place. What types of roles are you likely to need? How can you find the right people? What else can you do to be successful? All too often we see huge opportunity but inadequately resourced teams.
Read more