Benefits at a Glance
  • Increase data visibility & business insight using Splunk
  • Identify new Splunk data intelligence opportunities
  • Advance Splunk functional maturity level
  • Address technological & organisational readiness for Splunk
  • Overcome any existing challenges
  • Identify strengths and areas to improve
  • Drive more value from Splunk
  • Award winning Splunk Ninja expertise
  • Flexible assessment scope & duration
  • Business value driven approach
  • Official Splunk Partner
Splunk your Big Data

Splunk can form a key part of your big data intelligence strategy, delivering true business value and an ability to scale to big data levels. Ensuring you implement the right Splunk approach will provide significant business value; improving process efficiency & service levels, increasing security & compliance, extending competitive advantage and even reducing existing costs.

Splunk can Deliver Real Business Value

Splunk is a great platform for Big Data. As with any leading enterprise ready data platform, successful implementation relies on having skilled individuals, knowledgeable in Splunk and a deep understanding of the data being indexed. Success comes from implementing Splunk effectively, such that it can be leveraged to deliver real business value.

Let our Splunk Ninjas Help

We are a Splunk partner and have award winning ‘Splunk Ninja’ expertise in helping large enterprises leverage the value from their Splunk deployments. The Splunk Data Intelligence Advisory Service is specifically focused around the Splunk platform and tailored to meet your business goals. It can be scoped for smaller, ‘quick wins’ to much larger strategic engagements.

Actionable Deliverables

Deliverables will depend on identified scope and business goals, but some examples follow below.

  • Identify Splunk Data Intelligence Opportunities – Identification and prioritisation of the most valuable Splunk data intelligence opportunities, aligned with strategic initiatives and goals.
  • Measurable Business Value of Using Splunk – Qualitative and quantitative assessment, ascertaining the business value of your existing Splunk investment and/or the value of pursuing new data intelligence opportunities using Splunk.
  • Assessment of Splunk Readiness – Assessment of organisational and technical readiness to capitalise on identified or existing data intelligence opportunities using Splunk, including recommendations to address any identified gaps.
  • Splunk Maturity Measurement – Measurement of your Splunk functional maturity and recommendations for advancement
  • Splunk Architecture Assessment & Recommendation – Assessment of your existing or planned Splunk architecture, identifying gaps or areas for improvement.
  • Design of Conceptual Splunk Architecture – Splunk centred architectural design, augmenting or simplifying, your existing IT environment and systems.
  • Executive Level Report and Roadmap – A detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations, together with a roadmap for success.