Professional Services

Discovered Intelligence is a Professional Services Partner for both Splunk and Cribl data observability platforms with comprehensive service offerings. Our consultants have many years of data intelligence expertise to ensure you are successful.


We are a long established Splunk Professional Services Practice Partner, offering a full suite of Splunk Professional Service offerings. Our multiple award winning, Splunk Certified Architects, lead some of the most successful and largest deployments of Splunk. We have experience working with Splunk deployments of all sizes, including environments indexing a few gigabytes per day to those indexing hundreds of terabytes per day.

cribl professional services


As a Cribl Professional Services Partner, we offer comprehensive service offerings to ensure your success with the Cribl data observability platform. Our consultants have led some of the most successful deployments of Cribl and we have experience working with Cribl deployments of all sizes.