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Introducing Aura Asset Intelligence

Aura Asset Intelligence™ from Discovered Intelligence, leverages our domain and security expertise to deliver real-time asset discovery and intelligence; helping security teams quickly discover and report on assets within their enterprise.

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Designed by security for security

Knowing and understanding IT assets, use and ownership is critical for information security teams; such that the information that is processed by them can be protected and risk exposure reduced. However, assets are in a constant state of flux, making this extremely challenging from a security perspective. Security teams need an asset solution that can detect, respond and record these changes in real-time – that solution is Aura Asset Intelligence™.

Take a new approach

Aura Asset Intelligence employs an innovative, real-time, data intelligence driven approach; utilizing advanced correlation of many different data sets, together with the application of patent-pending logic, to help security teams discover, identify and report on the assets within their enterprise. Aura does not have an agent, nor does it perform any scanning.

Go beyond asset management

Even the best asset management solutions have a degree of inaccuracy and are often infrequently or manually updated, have data gaps or inaccuracies, or are simply missing assets. Aura Asset Intelligence is not designed to replace your existing asset management solutions, but rather to complement them by augmenting and enhancing your asset insight. Aura will help to identify your unmanaged assets and to increase accuracy of your existing asset management solutions.

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Identify asset relationships

Networked assets are like living and breathing organisms; with dynamic IPs and being modified or touched by multiple individuals over time. Aura Asset Intelligence discovers and identifies all your assets and identities and maps the relationships between them.

Add context to your security data

Aura provides vital asset related context to both current and historical security and/or log data. Using advanced correlation techniques, Aura can attribute users and assets to network logs at a specific point in time. This is hugely valuable when investigating security incidents or performing forensic analysis.

Directly integrate with existing security tools

The asset related information discovered by Aura Asset Intelligence can provide valuable insight to other security or operational tools within the enterprise. Aura Asset Intelligence is simple to integrate with, and includes a direct Asset and Identity inventory integration with Splunk Enterprise Security (Splunk ES) and Splunk ITSI. It also offers database, Rest API or CSV integration with any other security solutions.

Comprehensive searching and reporting

Aura Asset Intelligence comes with comprehensive asset and identity related searching and reporting out of the box. This includes the ability to search and report both current and historically over time. Security and compliance focused reporting and dashboarding is also provided, including a metrics compliance framework, allowing for measurement of key security policies.

Find out more

To express your interest in Aura Asset Intelligence, please complete the form located on our Aura Asset Intelligence page here and we will get back to you shortly. We are currently working with early adopters with a view for a wider release early 2017.