Limited Time: Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook eBook 50% OFF!

To mark the one-year anniversary of its publication Discovered Intelligence is pleased to announce that the eBook version of the Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook will be available at a 50% discount until October 31st!

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How to Create a Splunk KV Store State Table or Lookup in 10 Simple Steps

As of Splunk 6.2, there is a Key-Value (KV) store baked into the Splunk Search Head. The Splunk KV store leverages MongoDB under the covers and among other things, can be leveraged for lookups and state tables. Better yet, unlike regular Splunk CSV lookups, you can actually update individual rows in the lookup without rebuilding the entire lookup – pretty cool! In this article, we will show you a quick way of how you can leverage the KV store as a lookup or state table. Read more

Sendresults Command for Splunk

sendresults is an immensely powerful, life-changing Splunk command developed by Discovered Intelligence, that allows you to send tabulated search results to individuals dynamically, based upon the data within the results. This means that you no longer need to hardcode an email into the search, but can evaluate the email addresses instead. Read more

SQL on Hadoop – A Common Tool Comparison

There are many different methods and tools for interacting and querying data within Hadoop. The most widely used tools allow for SQL based querying of the data. The following article summarises a great comparison by MapR of the most common SQL on Hadoop technologies available today.

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Maintaining Data Visibility across the Cloud and the Ground

The move to cloud provided services (cloud) has meant a significant shift in where data is generated and stored. No longer is all data generated within the internal boundaries of a company’s own network and data centre (ground). This presents a challenge when it comes to maintaining data visibility and intelligence gathering capabilities – especially from a security and risk perspective. In this post, we will examine several different high-level scenarios and the impact on data visibility of each. Read more

Building a Successful Big Data Intelligence Team

Despite all the hype about how great Big Data is, success ultimately comes down to ensuring you have the right team in place. What types of roles are you likely to need? How can you find the right people? What else can you do to be successful? All too often we see huge opportunity but inadequately resourced teams.
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Don’t Neglect Big Data Integration

In the excitement to implement a big data platform like Splunk or Hadoop, many enterprises put data integration on the back-burner or figure it can be ‘worked out’, once the platform is in place. However, data integration is a key part of a successful big data intelligence strategy and must be given appropriate consideration. Read more

Maximizing the Impact of Big Data

At the Strata + Hadoop World conference a week or so ago in New York, there was a great talk by Ken Rudin, leader of the Facebook Analytics team. He gave his views on how to leverage Big data effectively to deliver the most impact. The core of his presentation were three commonly held beliefs that needed to be challenged. A summary of the presentation follows below. Read more

The Incredible Hunk – Splunk Analytics for Hadoop

Splunk recently announced a new offering, called Hunk. This is essentially a tool that allows for the exploration, analysis and visualisation of data in Hadoop, using the powerful Splunk interface and search engine common to their Splunk Enterprise offering. Read more