4 Enhancements to Elevate Your Splunk Platform

Still winding down from the incredible experience at .conf24, where we delved into the latest market trends, we’ve uncovered several fascinating enhancements for the Splunk platform. These improvements not only elevate the performance and efficiency of Splunk but also offer exciting features that will be available in future releases. Join us as we explore four powerful upgrades that can be used in your Splunk environment.

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Learning Splunk with the new ‘Getting Started with Splunk’ Video Series

Looking to enhance your understanding of Splunk in a fun and concise way?

Introducing the benefits and features of Cribl Lake

April marked the beginning of a new era for Cribl with the introduction of Cribl Lake, which brings Cribl’s suite of products full circle in the realm of data management. In this post we dive a bit deeper into some of the benefits and features of Cribl Lake.

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Help Getting Started with Splunk

Splunk is a great data intelligence platform when used effectively. With a full understanding of Splunk’s functionality and capabilities, it should totally consume you with it’s awesomeness and you will find yourself preaching its benefits to your entire company! Our customers are always asking for recommendations on how to better grasp the fundamentals of the platform and the following article should provide this guidance. Read more